Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Trier Porta Nigra

Trier is a small historical city which lies on the border between a Germany and Luxemburg. In fact Trier is an oldest city in Germany. According to the legend the city was founded in 1300 years before the Rome and it will stand another 1300 years after the Rome.

Of course this beautiful legend is not a true. Trier has been founded in the first century of our era as a Romans military camp in the region. After a time Trier became a very important city in Roman Empire. Here was one of the headquarters of the Roman Emperor who lived in Trier when he run a military campaign in the western part of the Empire.

Today there are a lot of Romans monuments in the Trier and the most well known from them in the world is Porta Nigra. Porta Nigra is an ancient city gates. It’s most preserved ancient gate from the north of the Alps. It was built during the Roman times and still in very good conditions.

You can pass through the Porta Nigra as it did the Romans 2000 years ago or you can go inside of the structure and lift to the high level of the gates as it did Romans guard 2000 years ago. After that you can sit in nearby café and enjoy the prefect view of the Porta Nigra. Also you can order excursion which will be conducted by man dressed as Roman soldiers.

Porta Nigra was built without usage of cement. Big massive blocks were attached one to another with the big iron nails. In Middle Ages the Franks which captured the city pulled out some of those nails what led to the possible fall of entire construction. But Porta Nigra was converted into the church and such was preserved for thankful inheritors. Some facts about the Porta Nigra in Trier. The gate’s wide is 36 meters, hight – 30 meters. It’s biggest Roman gates in the now days.