Thursday, June 21, 2012

Almudaina palace

Royal Palace La Almudaina (this is the official name of the palace) located not far away from embankment of the Pallma de Mallorca in front of city’s Cathedral. It’s still serves as a official royal residence but palace is open for visitors.

Almudaina has a long history. The palace originates from the time when island was under the Phoenicians rule. In the 123 BC Mallorca was conquered by Romans who appreciated castle’s location and started build the city around it.

In the middle of the 10 century, Saracens, who possessed Mallorca, built their own castle over the Roman ruins. (Btw, Almudaina – is a Arabian meaning of the word “citadel” )

When Mallorca was conquered by the Aragon’s dynasty Almudaina has been rebuilt again in the Gothic manner. Some Per Salve was assigned by the king Jaime to lead construction.

This reconstruction lasted more than 50 years and was finished in 1343. Arabic style of the Almudaina was transformed into Gothic. Jagged walls were added to the palace as well as the four towers and portico before the entrance.

Of course, since Almudaina became a Royal residence throne room has been added to the complex. And in 1310 Royal Chapel has been built inside the castle.

Palacio Real de la Almudaina. Comedor de Oficiales

Today Almudaina looks like in the middle of the 14 century. Palace (or more precise word Castle) is encircled by the tall walls with few towers. One of them has the name – “The towers of heads” since in the Middle Ages there were exhibited the chopped heads of the crimes. Gloomy place – isn't it?? Almudaina consists from the few buildings – royal palace, queen’s palace and the throne room.

Palacio de la Almudaina. Aposentos del Rey

Interiors of the Palace

Visitors of the palace could see the old pictures, furniture, carpets and military items. Some of the rooms are embellished by the old frescoes of the 14 century. I think that for sightseers the most interesting rooms - are throne room and Chapel of the St. Anna which is decorated in roman and gothic styles. Near with the throne room you can visit the royal garden and ruins of Arab baths.

Palacio de la Almudaina. Salón Gótico